Been a long time!

Wow, I’ve been away from this blog for forever.  I didn’t grieve strongly for my Dad; I just lost all my concentration.   I couldn’t sit down and read.  I definitely couldn’t follow the VT23 program schedule.  I am hoping to get things back.   I think I finished everything up to the break, so I’m not too far behind. Meanwhile, I I have been applying a few 2.0 tricks.  I created an animated “trip” using Google Earth, “The Magical Regional Mystery Tour.”  And I used our school’s server-based wiki feature to create a faculty forum…and got teachers to post comments!  Moving along at last!


Child’s play

heart-1.jpgGenerators are pretty cool! Better get back to work! 

Generators. Thing 7.

Del after being WarholizedHere’s the picture of Del after using the “Warholizer” generator.  I’ve tried the Yahoo avatar generator, but am still looking for the best rendition of me.  Have to try some others. 

Librarian on the road

Sanibel Island Public Library
 Sanibel Island Public Library 

I spent a week in Florida, visiting relatives and friends.  We brought some “Vermont” with us–a breezy cold front that had everyone shivering for a few days!  Highlights: Visiting local libraries, J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Red Sox vs. Boston College in Fort Myers, neighborhood tour of Sarasota, and blackened grouper. Captiva Island Public LibraryCaptiva Island Public Library and Town Hall 

Hermux Tantamoq

If you have read Michael Hoeye’s great series, starting with Time Stops for No Mouse, you may want to join the Facebook group. For those who haven’t, here’s the premise:  Hermux is a watchmaker mouse who lives among the most civilized and urbane rodents in the world.  He can’t resist offering to help a stunning aviatrix mouse, and naturally gets caught up in adventure, mystery and mayhem.

My cat now belongs to Catbook: Thing 5

Del Del  For social networking, I went straight to the guru.  My daughter Maria recommended Facebook rather than MySpace.  My profile is pretty basic.  It got more fun when I searched for Maria and gave her a “poke” to let her know I had a page.  I also added her as a friend.  She has created groups, so I joined one.  And, she suggested that our cats Del (that gray plushy dude) and Asha become friends on Catbook.  It’s a separate application you add to your page.  You can search “Applications” for it.  I can see why everyone is distracted by these sites–you can participate in a virtual community.  More on how to use in libraries later.

RSS. Thing 4

  I am keeping up with blogging and RSS, etc., because I’m committed to staying on task.  I don’t know if I would take the time to log in and check feeds.  I did train myself to use VALS 2x a week as required, so maybe.Today I read some great articles on Library Facility Design at WebJunction.  There are several ideas I’m going to try…and I wouldn’t have even known about them if it weren’t for one day’s worth of RSS feeds!  Now that’s impressive!  All that professional advice, hand-selected by me, where I can access it.   

Image fun

I had a great time exploring color pickr, montagr, and spellr.  The retrievr was cool.  I think I got ONE drawing recognized for what I THOUGHT it was!

Flickr, Thing 3.

I’ve really enjoyed using Flickr.  I’ve searched for AASL, Rocky Mountains, and my college-and landed right inside my old dorm room–scary!  I’ve learned that you have to scurry around to figure out what you want to do and where to do it.  It doesn’t take too long, and “Help” is actually helpful.  

Wright Memorial Library

Wright Memorial LibraryOriginally uploaded by angharr88This is a beautiful library which opened in 2004. It’s spacious with lots of natural light. Plus side: office, upholstered student chairs, 8 computers plus 3 wireless laptops for students! Plus side for students…that big post in the middle of the circulation desk–I’m working right behind it!

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